How to open your day

You are wacking up in the morning, open your eyes, walk into the kitchen and start the coffee grinder. Shed some fresh coffee beans and begin to awaken to the smell of fine coffee mixture. First sip from the excellent coffee and now you feel that today, like every day, It's your day.


Negro roastery house blend

Main flavor characteristics: strong coffee with a wonderful aroma and good body.

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New day blend

Daily mix varies.

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Papua Negro Guinea

Main flavor characteristics: coffee roasting reveals a bright flavors and unique aromas that description here simply never be equaled. 

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Columbia Mountains

Main flavor characteristics: coffee at a moderate level, balanced with gentle acidity and smell amazing.

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Deserts of Ethiopia Sidmo

Main flavor characteristics: strong African coffee good bodied, chocolaty taste excellent, recommended with milk in the morning.

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Guatemala Delicious

Main flavor characteristics: sweetness, good body, acidity. 

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